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Living Streams Mission has developed and manufactures a wide range of specialized liquid probiotic formulas to meet your health and wellness needs.

Living Streams Multi-Blendâ„¢ (Living Streams Probioticâ„¢) is a natural by-product of friendly bio-organisms (probiotics) that have been specially cultured and developed to produce the natural anti-infective substances the human body was meant to receive from flora in the intestinal track. Living Streams probiotics only contain organic lab certified bacteria species that are naturally found in the human body, and does not contain bacteria obtained from soil microbes.

Processed foods (for both humans and animals), lack enzymes and other nutrients which results in poor quality intestinal flora and other health stresses. Even the normal amounts of these substances that would otherwise be there are missing in most animals and people. On top of that, because the friendly bacteria are missing from the intestinal track growth of "bad" bacteria, fungus, yeast, virus and mold colonies can seriously harm health. Even if you think you are healthy, subclinical infective processes may be at work, slowly damaging your health.

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