Living Streams Probiotics General Information

Living Streams Probiotics can be taken with water, food, or juice.  They are considered a natural food substance and will not interfere with any other supplement or medication. 

Adults and children can safely use Living Streams Probiotics.  Follow the directions on the bottle.

Milk or dairy sensitivities or allergies?  Our probiotics do NOT contain dairy or milk products.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should not BEGIN use of Multi Blend, Derma Gold, Flora PM or Chabide until after pregnancy or nursing, however, they can safely begin use of Moringa, Bifido, or Bifido II.  You may continue using ANY of our probiotics if you were using them previous to pregnancy or nursing.

Protocol for using the Living Streams Product Line

All the products are beneficial. All the products are needed for different reasons in the body for restoring your good health.  Use the following guidelines to determine where to start:

1. If you are battling an infection and want to strengthen your immune system to fight off the infection, you can safely begin with Living Streams Multi Blend Probiotic alone or with Bifido and  Flora PM.  Follow the instructions on the bottles for best results.

2. If you have had the infection a long time and are working with a natural health care provider, you may want to consider adding the Derma Gold if you are able. 

3. If you are not currently having health problems and want mineral support in a probiotic form, you would benefit from Living Minerals Probiotic.

4. If you are concerned about heavy metals, the Multi Blend, Living Minerals and Zeo LIFE would be a good choice.

5.  We recommend the Moringa probiotic to boost vitality and energy levels for everybody.

Living Streams Probiotic Side Effects

There can occasionally be some degree of "die-off" or “cleansing reaction” caused by Living Streams products.  This is a term used when the body is overwhelmed by a change to the system and it is trying to clear itself of toxins.  "Die off" or “cleansing reactions” can include headache, diarrhea, sluggishness, etc.   If this occurs, you are moving too fast and should lower the application to the previous level where no problems existed and maintain that for another 3 days or until symptoms subside.  Increase your water intake to flush your system.  

Which products may cause detox reactions?

Multi Blend, Derma Gold, and Flora PM are our probiotics most likely to cause a detox reaction if the daily amount is increased too quickly.  Please follow the directions on the bottle and increase SLOWLY.

Easy Way to Take More Than One Probiotic

Because our probiotics are completely compatible with each other, the easiest way to take them is to put them in your daily water ration. We recommend drinking at least 2-3 quarts of water (healthy water, not from tap) a day MINIMUM if you want the maximum results from taking our probiotics.

Take the probiotics out of the refrigerator, dispense into the water or water/bottles and make sure you drink all your water. This also works well with children who go off to school or a babysitter. 

Storage and Shelf Life of Living Streams Mission Probiotics

Once you receive your probiotics store them in the refrigerator to maintain the potency and shelf life of the product.  We offer a one year guarantee on our products.  Expiration dates are printed on each bottle.


Living Streams Probiotics can be safely kept unrefrigerated in moderate temperatures, below 105 degrees, for short periods of times (3-4 weeks).  This feature allows us to ship them to you without using cold packs and will also allow you to transfer some into smaller bottles to take to work or take on vacation without having to worry about refrigeration.  The only product refrigeration exceptions are for Flora PM, Alfalfa Probiotic, Chabide, Woodie and Moringa as the taste of the product may become disagreeable and spoilage may occur if not kept refrigerated long term.  

What type of bacteria are used to create the Living Streams Probiotics?

Living Streams probiotics only contain organic lab certified bacteria species that are naturally found in the human body, and do not contain bacteria obtained from soil microbes.

What are probiotic CFU's?

CFU stands for colony forming units.  The LIVE and active CFU rating for Living Stream Probiotics is 70 to 90 million per ML.  Many companies advertise very high CFU ratings, however, this does not mean they are all alive or will survive in the digestive tract.  Living Streams Probitoics are developed in a special way in a liquid format making them more effective and completely bioavailable to the body.  Many companies in the USA and Europe have attempted to produce a liquid probiotic but have failed.

Can individuals with a histamine intolerance use Living Streams Probiotics?

Unfortunately, we are not able to address these types of medical questions.  For more information about histamine intolerance please contact your health care practitioner. 

When will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped within 48 hours by USPS Priority Mail (Monday-Friday). Delivery time is approximately 2-3 days in the United States.  If you want your order shipped to a different address please be sure to click the Change Shipping Address on the check out page.  You will receive an email from the USPS system with your tracking information when your order has shipped.  You can also find your tracking information in your online account.

Can Living Streams Probiotics be shipped during the summer months? 

Our products can be safely shipped during the summer months.  However, if you live in an area experiencing extreme hot weather conditions (above 105 degrees) we recommend requesting USPS signature required service. This service will ensure your package is not left sitting outside in the heat.  It also gives you the flexibility of rescheduling a delivery date that is more convenient for you or will allow you to pick up your order directly from the Post Office.  For more information about rescheduling a delivery date see the USPS website at