At Living Streams Mission, our retail customers are rewarded for shopping with us. 

In most cases, for every dollar you spend you will earn 1 reward point, however, this rate may change at any time without notice.  Please keep in mind that not all purchase qualify for rewards points.  For example, when viewing a product for purchase, the number of rewards points offered will be displayed on that particular product description page. 

Points can be only be redeemed for Living Streams Mission products.  

It's free and it's easy!
You must have an account. 
If you haven't created and account yet simply click on the My Account link at the top of the page, then follow the instructions to create a new account.
If you have an account already, log in before you complete your purchase.
Points will be rewarded once you have completed your order and payment is made. 
Points add up every time you make an online purchase. 
Points are deducted if an order is later canceled.
Use your points! 

To review your reward point total and to redeem your points:

Log into your account using the My Account link at the top of each page.
Your total points will be displayed in the My Rewards section of your account page.
Click the "Redeem" link next to the My Rewards section.
If you want the product click "Redeem" and then verify your transaction. 


Living Streams Mission reserves the right to change or discontinue the program at any time.
Currently, only Living Streams Mission retail products are available for purchase with reward points. 
The product selection may change without notice. 
We may also vary the selection from time-to-time.  
Refer to the steps above to view those products available for purchase with points.
Points are NOT redeemable for cash and cannot be transferred to anyone else. Points are not accrued for fees such as sales tax or shipping & handling.
Points are not awarded until payment is received. If you choose to pay via check/money order your points will be applied when we receive your payment and have shipped your order.
Our Mold Relief and Magnesium Flakes products are not eligible to earn reward points.

Wholesale accounts are not eligible to participate in our rewards program.