Multi Blend Probiotic

Do you have chronic digestive issues and your at your wit's end?  Have you tried every encapsulated probiotic on the market but nothing worked?  Unlike all probiotics sold on the market, our liquid probiotics are not only cultured in a very controlled, purified, and scientific environment, this probiotic is 100% alive.  This powerful proprietary blend of probiotics, quickly gets to work breaking down undigested foods in your intestional tract while repopulating the beneficial bacteria need for optimal health.

Living Streams Multi-Blend is our original product; a natural by-product of friendly bio-organisms (probiotics) that have been specially cultured and developed to produce the natural anti-infective substances the human body was meant to receive from flora in the intestinal track. It can be applied to the skin or taken by mouth. Created using a special blend of lactic acid based bacteria; lactobacillus, paracasei & subspecies, and curvatus. All of our probiotics contain organic lab certified bacteria species that are naturally found in the human body, and do not contain bacteria obtained from soil microbes.

Promotes and supports healthy digestion.
Supports the immune system.
Replenishes and balances intestinal flora.  

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Living Streams Multi-Blend Liquid Probiotic 2 oz.
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Living Streams Multi-Blend Liquid Probiotic 16 oz.
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