Welcome to the Wholesale Order Site for ordering Living Streams Probiotics

A Living Streams Mission wholesale account must be approved by us for discounted pricing.

Discounts will be based upon the quantity ordered and wholesale level you apply for.

Wholesale Discount 50% - Minimum Purchase Requirement - 12 Bottles

Wholesale and Distributor Guidelines:

1. You may purchase the product wholesale to use yourself or sell to family, friends or associates at a discounted price. However, we do not support price fixing or discounting to undercut the fair market value of our products by advertising them below the suggested retail price.

2. You may not rebottle the product to resell it.

3. You may not buy the product and add it as an ingredient to other products that you plan to market and sell. This practice is strongly discouraged because of the nature of our products.

4. You may not sell the product on eBay, Amazon or other types of sites like these.

5. Applicants approved to sell Living Streams products on the internet must BOLDLY identify they are Living Streams Distributors on their website.

6. If you advertise and sell via the internet you must offer customer service and be able to adequately represent our products and answer customer questions.

7. You may sell the product in a retail store setting if you are the owner of the business where the products will be sold or authorized to represent them.

8. You must agree that you will not make claims about our products that are not in keeping with our published information as found on our website.  

9. Other types of selling should be approved in advance before purchasing from this site.

10. Applicants who have been prosecuted or have pending charges for marketing and distributing products unlawfully will not be allowed to purchase Living Streams Mission Probiotics for distribution.

11. You agree to have only ONE website selling or promoting Living Streams Probiotics and the website must strictly conform to our advertising policy. Redirects and forwarding of websites is not allowed.

12.  Distributors are not allowed to use domain names that contain Living Streams Mission company or product names.

13. Applicant understands there are no refunds or returns. All sales are final.

Ordering from this site constitutes your agreement to follow these guidelines. Any violation of these guidelines will be cause to discontinue your wholesale buying privilege.

To become a Living Streams Probiotic Distributor you will need to agree to the terms above and register for a wholesale account by clicking on the link below.  Upon receipt of your application we will review it and notify you when it has been approved.  

Wholesale Registration:

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Click on the "My Account Link" at the top right hand corner of the website.