LS Derma Gold Probiotic 4 oz.

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The most Advanced Breakthrough in Liquid Probiotics.

This probiotic formula is paracasei  flora specific. Best used in a dermal (skin) application. Very potent. Most commonly used under the direction of a health care practitioner. This probiotic is considerably more expensive than our regular probiotic line and is formulated with the professional practitioner in mind.

Ingredients:  Carbon Filtered Water, Proprietary Blend of Lacto Bacillus Paracasei with Several Sub Species of Paracasei and Curvatus, plus "The Mother" (multi-linked Bacillus grouped together forming Colonies).

Contains NO fillers, sugars, starches, sodium, artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

Application:  Apply 1 drop to unbroken, smooth skin inside the forearm twice a day (morning and evening).  

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